The problem with liberal feminism is that a focus on gender equality and women’s rights solely in abstract terms is inadequate - and hence not nearly radical enough. The dominance of this kind of approach in mainstream debate leaves only a weak political voice for the collective demands that are required to transform family and economic life, and support better choices than those currently available. Furthermore, the suggestion of linear progress for women risks reaffirming the current economic and political model, and in doing so could undermine such demands. The task ahead is not one of an unfinished process of enlightenment. The political and economic crises facing us require deep rethinking and radical change. But if mainstream feminist debates today are primarily concerned with middle-class women’s interests, as Turner and Lammy suggest, this is a reflection and not a cause of the dominant political and economic model of the last thirty years. 

Feminism and Democratic Renewal, by Tess Lanning

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